In every business journey there are curves on the road ahead

As the driver of your business you need to constantly re-imagine where the road will take you. When we re-imagine our business at the Diploma Healthcare Group, we explore how to expand while staying focused and nimble in the carefully selected niche markets we are active in.

By helping to bring new technologies to market for our manufacturing partners, or by connecting business owners with exit strategies, we can both grow and remain focused with a broader range of specialized clinical markets.

Diploma is a strategic buyer

We are not investment bankers, or a private equity firm. We preserve brand equity, protecting the things that you have worked hard to build. We invest in companies whose brands align with our own, and therefore do not disassemble your story, but build upon acquired brand integrity. The goal is to buy and hold, to fortify our existing foundation and find the complementary products and services that, amalgamated, can grow acquired companies to their potential.

Diploma’s evolving business model works because we listen to the people who are closest to the day’s work

By asking the right questions, we build genuine relationships with medical professionals and other decision makers to find out what our clients really need.

By way of innovative HR practices, Diploma operates via a sturdy corporate culture in which leadership and employee autonomy carve the path to success in specialized medical device sales, technical needs, and full-service channel management programs.


By viewing all acquisitions as long-term investments DHG has been able to allow its businesses to thrive post-acquisition. We have provided the capital required to build more robust business models, recruit the very best staff available and expand business models to maximize market presence. In every case companies have seen strong growth in the years following DHGs investment

Knowing your business vision remains and legacy is protected gives you the freedom to re- imagine where business can still take you. What do you imagine on the road ahead?