Diagnostics – Aus/NZ, Canada, Ireland

Diploma Healthcare Group is proud of our innovative suppliers who offer patients cutting edge diagnostic solutions. With operations throughout Canada, Australia, and the UK, DHG works with hospitals and laboratories to ensure that the best possible solutions are available to meet their diagnostic and operational needs. We currently have a strong presence and focus in Theranostics, CRC Screening and HbA1c measurement in addition to multiple specialties throughout the diagnostics spectrum.

HbA1c (hemoglobin A1c) measurement is a common tool for the diagnosis of diabetes. DHG has strong partnerships with industry leading HbA1c testing suppliers who offer systems to ensure rapid automated diabetes diagnosis, through high resolution capillary separation technology. The devices represented by DHG offer precise separation of hemoglobin fractions with accurate HbA1c measurement without interference.

We understand the growing demand for efficient, complete, and accurate, technologies that benefit both the patient and those administrating the tests. For example, DHG partners with a supplier who offers a wide range of traditional allergen tests in addition to the newest purified allergen components.  These purified allergen components allow for enhanced allergy diagnosis by pinpointing which component a patient is sensitized to at the exact molecular level. In addition to those tests, DHG also works to offer automated in-vitro allergy testing.

With cancer affecting more and more families across the globe, DHG wants to offer a fighting chance to patients through a variety of approaches. Two key methodologies include, Colorectal Cancer Screening with Fecal Immunochemical Testing (FIT) and Theranostics. Fecal Immunochemical Testing requires only one sample with results that provide the highest sensitivity and specificity in the industry. Using FIT allows for earlier detection and less un-necessary colonoscopies. Theranostics is the measurement of a patient’s response to anti-tumor necrosis factor (anti-TNFα) drugs such as Inflixmab and Adalimumab. Some patients experience a poor response to these drugs. By measuring the levels of prescribed drugs clinicians may now provide a customized treatment plan for their patients.

Whether testing for routine allergens or improving the fight against cancer, Diploma Healthcare Group has the most state-of-the-art diagnostic solutions.

Surgical – Aus/NZ, Canada

We focus on providing our customers with  solutions that optimize patient safety, clinical performance, ease of use and cost effectiveness. Incorporated in 1992, DHG has grown over the years to become the largest Canadian distributor of Electro accessories. We have focused our efforts in the Operating Room on Smoke Evacuation, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Patient Positioning, Hydro Dissection and O.R. Disposables.

DHG offers a diverse array of innovative, leading medical technologies. Our brands are among the most well-known and respected in the healthcare field. Quality and reliability are their hallmarks.

Our expertise is recognized in six major product specialty businesses. Our focus is centered on these conditions or therapy types: Minimally Invasive Surgery, Electrocautery, General Surgery, Urology, Gynecology, Hepatobillary and several other  technologies. With our combination of product lines we continue to remain on the leading edge of technology, helping to allow for better patient outcomes following surgery.

We are positioned to offer solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers by marketing advanced energy-based medical systems and accessories, as well as exclusive technologies for advanced liver surgery.  In addition we offer unique cost-saving minimally invasive  equipment. All of these technologies help surgeons improve patient care and patients to lead more active and satisfying lives.

DHG recognized a large void in the market for products that could help alleviate the plume created from laser and electro procedures. Over many years of developing and understanding our customer, patient and clinical demands, DHG has compiled the most extensive smoke evacuation product offering in Canada. This allows us the ability to provide solutions for a full spectrum of  requirements ranging from small hyfercator procedures to the most complex open and lapaoroscopic applications.

DHG is an industry leader in patient positioning; our passion is improving patient outcomes and safety, while enhancing our customers’ efficiency. Our inspiration comes from providing innovative solutions to address our customers’ most pressing needs. We immerse ourselves in our customers’ world, to better address these needs and the daily challenges of their environment.

Whether we are providing a product to address patient positioning issues, or providing a system to protect the patient’s skin during a long surgery, we are committed to providing products that answer the positioning needs of our customers. DHG will make every effort to continue to evolve in the patient positioning arena offering customized solutions and breadth of product.

DHG holds a very unique position in the electro market as the largest electro company in Canada. DHG has reached these heights by providing best-in-breed products in a timely manner as well as providing cost competitive electro solutions. DHG has the ability and scalability to source products from a wide array of global manufactures due to the flexibility of our distribution model. This allows us to better meet the specific needs of our customers in this ever-changing market.

Our breadth of product includes both reusable and disposable options for virtually all electro applications. This provides our customers a wide range of products to help control costs and efficiencies both within the Operating Room and the Central Processing department. Our professional representation would be pleased to discuss your individual requirements and offer a recommendation that would best suit your needs.

Endoscopy – Canada

Diploma Healthcare Groups holds extensive partnerships with some of the industry’s premier endoscopy focused device manufacturers. In addition to an impressive portfolio of class leading technology, we employ a unique understanding of the needs of the physicians, nursing staff and infection control practitioners who make a difference in the diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal disease.

By addressing the continuum of care, including endoscopic imaging, therapeutic intervention, and cleaning and disinfection, we provide leadership and support to our practicing institutions by offering a broad range of products for every aspect of patient and instrument care.

A leading endoscope provider, we helped introduce the groundbreaking imaging technologies capable of enhancing tissue differentiation in the mucosa. The latest iteration boasts three unique imaging modes, BLI (Blue Light Imaging), LCI (Linked Colour Imaging), and Zoom – technologies that are creating a significant stir in the GI community as thought leader’s grapple with the potential for intra-procedural diagnosis. We are the exclusive partner for Double Balloon Enteroscopy DBE® Systems which have become the gold standard of therapeutic intervention of the small intestine. Other diagnostic capabilities exist in pH impedance monitoring and high-resolution manometry, critical steps in determining optimal treatment for patients suffering with GERD.

Being the leader in electrosurgery, we deliver solutions for routine procedures as well as the most complex cases. From community-based polypectomy to procedures like ESD and POEM in leading academic centres, we are uniquely positioned as the only organization who understands the endoscopic application of energy. Additionally, our range of products for tissue ablation, acquisition, foreign body removal, and ERCP is the most comprehensive in the market. We offer nitinol-based self-expanding metal stents now being widely used in interventional radiology, thoracic surgery, and endoscopy.

When the procedure is over, our presence in cleaning and high-level disinfection is unsurpassed. From mechanical cleaning devices to detergents and enzymatics, we partner with the best recognized brands in device reprocessing. As guideline scrutiny puts ever increasing demand on the technician’s responsible for cleaning and disinfection, we guarantee our customers are operating years ahead of societal and college mandates.

We employ courteous and dependable sales, clinical, and service staff with vast endoscopy experience. Our commercial and operations team is one of the largest in the business – dominant in the geography’s in which we operate. Beyond our products, our people are experts in GI and this uniquely positions us as a prime resource for any department, reflected in our leading market share.


In Vitro Fertilization/ART

In July, 1978 Louise Joy Brown was born and her birth marked the beginning of what is now Assisted Reproductive Technology.  Today there are nearly 30 In Vitro Fertilization Centers across Canada and since 2007 there has been 2.5 million children born using assisted reproductive technology.

 Diploma Healthcare Group is proud to be a part of this dynamic, scientifically advanced, and life-altering field of medicine.  Diploma is a specialized sales and value added distribution organization that works closely with IVF clinics to meet all their customer needs.  Diploma is partnered with manufacturer’s worldwide representing market leading products that set the gold standard for technology used throughout the IVF process.  From retrieval to transfer, Diploma Healthcare Group offers a complete solution to meet the growing needs of fertility clinics across the Canadian, ANZ and global market.

Our innovative manufacturing partners represent industry leaders in technology, innovation, quality, and consistency.  With a nationwide sales team along with local dedicated ART Product Specialists, Diploma Healthcare Group is well positioned to provide a superior level of expertise and customer support to our valued customers.

Interventional Cardiology 

Interventional cardiology is a branch of cardiology that deals specifically with the catheter based treatment of structural heart diseases. Diploma Healthcare Group distributes products for the field of Interventional Cardiology and has over 12 years experience of delivering the very highest in quality solutions to this market.

We partner with only leading providers in cardiovascular care, where less invasive devices for the treatment of coronary artery disease are the main stay. Our philosophy is to deliver high quality devices with unique and innovative technology across our comprehensive device portfolio which includes products for the diagnosis and treatment of coronary artery disease. Combining these partners with the Diploma Healthcare Group ethos has allowed us to achieve in excess of 90% market share across various disciplines in the markets we serve. We is supremely placed in the market place to deliver the solution across the interventional space

Enteral Feeding Devices 

Diploma Healthcare Group supply’s the widest range of innovative enteral feeding devices and accessories in Ireland; from initial placement of the feeding device; to healthcare professionals education; to community support, we offer support along the entire journey.

As the suppliers of Halyard Health, Fresenius Kabi, Cair, Intervene and Machery-Nagel, We have a solution to all enteral feeding needs.

Supported by the TECHNOPATH Nursing Support Team, we provide a nationwide non-emergency education and support service to customers and patients of our Enteral Feeding Products. The objective of this added service is to ensure that all end users of our products are educated in their correct use to maximise the benefit and minimise waste. In providing nursing support and education we aim to minimise patient return visits to hospital; benefitting both the patient and the healthcare service.